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GloPAD Zhejiang yueju video clips

In 2007 The Cornell Association of Professors Emeriti (CAPE) awarded Cornell Professor Emerita Karen Brazell, GloPAC Director, a Podell Emeriti Awards for Research and Scholarship Program grant to begin the process of developing a Performing Arts Resource Center for Chinese performing arts. The grant funded an initial collaboration with the Zhejiang Provincial Library, Zhejiang China (see http://www.zjlib.cn/public/Default.aspx, site in Chinese), which has an extensive database of piece, actor, and production information on the popular theatre of yueju. Brazell had initially visited the Zhejiang Library on a trip to China in 2006. With the help of Cornell Library Wason East Asia Collection Director Liren Zheng, the initial contact evolved into Zhejiang becoming a GloPAC contributing partner.

The Podell Emeriti grant allowed GloPAC to bring one of the Zhejiang Library yueju database editors, Ms. Hongyan Ye, to Ithaca in order to train on the workings of the Global Performing Arts Database (GloPAD) and to enter into GloPAD a trial run of one hundred video clips of yueju performance. Each new video clip was entered into GloPAD along with its full performing arts metadata, in both Chinese and English, so that with this small trial batch of media hundreds of piece names, production venues, actors, and other bits of important information were added to the database and thus put into association with other performing arts traditions. Beyond the data itself, Ms. Ye and GloPAC staff began the work on translating authoritatively into Chinese some of the many performing arts vocabularies at work in GloPAD as well as translating specific yueju theatre terms from Chinese into English.

To see the Zhejiang yueju video clip records on GloPAD see search 'yueju zhejiang'