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Performing Arts Resource Centers (PARCs) are Web-based learning environments designed to advance the study and teaching of performing arts worldwide. They include interactive and interpretive modules combining scholarly content with technological innovation. Each PARC will have a specific focus, which may be cultural (Japanese), temporal (the 18th century), genre or thematically oriented (puppetry, gender in theatre), or audience oriented (teens).

PARCs also provide a new venue for scholars who want to produce creative online publications (learning and research modules, reference materials, bibliographies and other resources). Tools and templates created by GloPAC allow such scholars to employ recent technologies without needing advanced technical skills. PARCs actively connect to the database (GloPAD) to ensure a stable and expanding resource collection and to allow further exploration of material outside the given PARC module’s interpretive context. Media used in PARCs are entered into GloPAD with full metadata records. If viewers of a research or learning module are particularly interested in an image or other media that is presented in only one context in the PARC, they can easily access a larger version by way of the GloPAD public interface. On the database they can peruse the full descriptive information, including copyright and ordering information, and use the relational structure of the database to go on to related images and records. Conversely, the creation of new PARC modules and compositions will enhance the content of GloPAD by both adding new media and their metadata, and by spurring further metadata annotation of materials already existing in the database.

The first PARC under development is a Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center (JPARC), available at www.glopad.org/jparc. Interest has been expressed in developing a Chinese Performing Arts Resource Center, a Puppetry Resource Center, and a Teen PARC. People or institutions interested in collaborating with GloPAC on any of these projects should contact us at glopac@cornell.edu.