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Become a GloPAC Participant

Institutions are invited to join the Global Performing Arts Consortium (GloPAC) if they contribute to our activities in one or more of the following ways:

  • Contribute digital reproductions of images, texts, audio or video clips and the like from their collections to be entered into the Global Performing Arts Database (GloPAD);
  • Provide support to one or more employees (faculty, librarians, archivists, curators, staff) in their work on GloPAC projects. This generally includes use of institutional facilities and may include research support (e.g. student assistants or travel funds);
  • Participate in collaborative GloPAC grants, or seek institutional grants to provide support for GloPAC activities.

Individuals are invited to join GloPAC if they

  • Contribute digital reproductions of materials (photos, audio clips, etc.) from their private collections to GloPAD,
  • Input digital objects intoGloPAD,
  • Play a role in the development of modules for the Performing Arts Resource Centers (PARCs),
  • Test GloPAC products,
  • Serve as technical, content, or translation advisors, or
  • Participate on GloPAC advisory boards.

If you and/or your institution are interested in becoming a GloPAC participant please contact us at glopac@cornell.edu.