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The backgrounds for our Web pages are modified versions of images found in the Global Performing Arts Database (GloPAD). They are enlarged, cropped, and tinted to serve as background images. Below is a list of the images used, including the GloPAD ID numbers. To see the original photographs and complete details, go to GloPAD and enter the ID number, preceded by #, into the search field.
GloPAD ID: 279
Photograph from the production of Elektra, Kleines Theatre, Berlin, 1903. Shown: Rosa Bertens as Klytaemnestra and Gertrud Eysoldt as Elektra. Courtesy of Max Reinhardt Archives, Binghamton University.
GloPAD ID: 535
Photograph of set design for Act 5, production of Don Juan, Alexandrinsky Theatre, Russia, 1910. Set designer: Alexander Golovin. Courtesy of St. Petersburg Museum of Theatre and Music Arts.
GloPAD ID: 1136
Photograph of actors and theatre staff from the production of The Earth Rampant, Meyerhold Theatre, Russia, 1923. Photographer: Alexei Temerin. Courtesy of Bakhrushin Central State Theatre Museum.
GloPAD ID: 1814
Photograph of Act 3, production of Fanny's First Play, Little Theatre, London, 1911. Courtesy of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.
GloPAD ID: 2085
Photograph from the production of The Orphan of Zhao, Teowchew Street Opera, Singapore, 2000. Courtesy of Karen Brazell.
GloPAD ID: 1001727
Photograph from the production of Yamanba, Katayama Hiromichi nijuu-san kaiki tsuizen tokubetsu kouen, Japan, 1985.